Page 1 - e-Cookbook Vol 1 - Sauces

e-Cookbook Vol 1- “Sauces” available for download (for FREE!!)

Page 1 - e-Cookbook Vol 1 - Sauces
Cover Page for e-Cookbook Vol. 1 “Sauces”

We are excited to announce that our first e-Cookbook, Vol 1 “Sauces”, is available for download here at Cooking Secrets for Men.

Download Link for Vol 1 – “Sauces”

The e-Cookbook is free, as a thank you for supporting us on the various Social Media Platforms. We would love to have to subscribe to our YouTube Channel ( and watch our videos.

“Sauces” is a handy reference for making everyday sauces, usually with ingredients that are probably in your pantry. I’ll bet if you checked in your refrigerator, you would find some sauces that expired in 2018. We give some quick tips on making useful sauces so you don’t have to buy a whole jar of something you will use one time.

Volume 2 – “Soups” will be our next e-cookbook. WE have begun work on that and hopefully will be available soon.

Sauces Vol 1

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