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Pasta Pomodoro with Shrimp

Do you have a favorite recipe or favorite meal that you would like us to recreate? Just let us know. We can take an idea and work with it. Or tell me what your favorite meal growing up was and we’ll do our best to recreate it.

We will make a YouTube video and give all the credit to you. All we need is an idea or even a partial recipe. We’ll take it from there.

Luke and Lu
Learning a new recipe

Recipe Submissions

We have done a couple of collaboration/recreations. You could be next. Here are the links: for Rozina’s Persina KItchen for TJ Mint’s page  for Engulater’s page is a friend who made a video and I recreated his dish.

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You can submit your own special recipe to us. We would love to recreate it and give you the credit. And make a YouTube Video. Just go to this link “Recipe & YouTube Suggestions” or at the top of our home page. Click this link for an example of a Recipe Submission from a Subscriber

And we are always looking to collaborate with other bloggers. Contact me if you are interested in a conversation about some sort of collaboration.

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