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Men and Cooking

77 % of the chefs in restaurants in the US are men. So why do so many men either hate, avoid or just stink at cooking? To me the reasons are simple – either they just don’t want to learn how to cook or they are intimidated by anything more than simple grilling of steaks. Click on "Men and Cooking" to keep reading this.

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Chicken Thighs with Red Cabbage

Chicken Thighs with Red Cabbage. I have been making this dish for many years, dating back to the mid 90’s. There used to be a column on the Washington Post Food section called “On The Fridge- Dinner Tonight”.  It is now called Dinner-in-Minutes, but the concept is the same. Easy, quick recipes that can be…… Continue reading Chicken Thighs with Red Cabbage

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Hey Food Bloggers – Let’s Collaborate!

Calling all Food Bloggers I would like to invite all of us Food Bloggers to collaborate in the future. Combining efforts with a fellow blogger (or two) is a good opportunity to grow your site organically. I have had the recent opportunity to communicate with several bloggers around the world. The result has been fascinating.…… Continue reading Hey Food Bloggers – Let’s Collaborate!

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Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Yorkshire Pudding, Hot out of the oven This is Yorkshire Pudding recipe is from a fellow food blogger in the UK, my friend Tom. His site is . And he has a YouTube Channel also ( . He’s actually a chef in real life, I just play one on YouTube. We have developed a…… Continue reading Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

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Thanksgiving Tips 2020 (Cook your turkey in half the time)

Thanksgiving Tips – 2020 will present challenges for all of us. Travel will be cut, more people will be alone or at least will have less family and friends around. Even so, most of us will still gather to some degree, eat turkey and make a lot of the same things we would if we…… Continue reading Thanksgiving Tips 2020 (Cook your turkey in half the time)


Recipe Submission from a Subscriber

This is a recipe submission for one of our subscribers. Greg Schrand from Cincinnati, OH submitted a video and we recreated the dish.