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Men and Cooking

77 % of the chefs in restaurants in the US are men. So why do so many men either hate, avoid or just stink at cooking? To me the reasons are simple – either they just don’t want to learn how to cook or they are intimidated by anything more than simple grilling of steaks. Click on "Men and Cooking" to keep reading this.

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Cuban Black Beans – Instant Pot version For my Vegetarian friends and subscribers, this is a fun dish that can be a main course. Serve over rice and you could add other veggies into the black bean mixture. For you carnivores out there, it goes amazingly well with a Cuban Pork Tenderloin or similar main dish. The Instant Pot is…… Continue reading Cuban Black Beans – Instant Pot version


Tuna Tartare w/Sesame & Ginger Don’t be afraid to prepare raw fish. Go to a store that carries sushi-grade tuna and work quickly when you are cutting the fish. This recipe is easy and tasty. The Asian flavors of ginger, soy, jalapeno and lime juice accentuate the clean, silky taste of the tuna, and topping with sesame seeds gives…… Continue reading Tuna Tartare w/Sesame & Ginger


10 Minute Steamed Fish with Ginger & Orange This is a continuation of our quest for interesting and different recipes, that are still easy to prepare, as we continue social distancing/Sheltering in Place/Self Quarantining, etc. This fish dish is easy to prepare and can be ready in 10 minutes. Minimal prep work, flaky white fish steams quickly and Asian flavors bring…… Continue reading 10 Minute Steamed Fish with Ginger & Orange


Thank you!

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Because of you, I now have a URL that has my brand in the name, instead of a random series of letters and numbers. The new URL is The reason this is a big deal is that I have…… Continue reading Thank you!


Curried Chicken with Potatoes This is another recipe for those of us Sheltering in Place, that takes every day, basic ingredients (Chicken and potatoes) and makes them a little more interesting than roasting a chicken and baking some potatoes. This one-pot dish is fragrant and a little different than your typical weeknight recipe. Hope you enjoy and stay…… Continue reading Curried Chicken with Potatoes


Lamb Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

We are trying to suggest some creative, easy recipes to use during the pandemic, while most of us at the home with our families. Here is one such recipe, Lamb Burgers instead of Hamburgers. Ingredients Feta Tzatziki Sauce 2 cups plain Greek yogurt ½ cup crumbled feta cheese 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 2…… Continue reading Lamb Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

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Scary Times – Where do we go from here?

A lot of us are in limbo, with “Shelter in Place” orders in many states, including here in Wisconsin. From what I have been able to gather, everyone in the country has plenty of toilet paper, but food supply may be limited to frozen foods or basic pantry staples in many US households. Every home…… Continue reading Scary Times – Where do we go from here?