Raclette Dinner Party

Raclette Dinner Party – Leland, MI

Raclette Dinner Party
Raclette Dinner Party

Raclette Dinner Party – On a recent trip north to visit friends in Leland, MI, we were treated to a fun evening, with interactive food. It was something I had never heard of, a Raclette Dinner Party.

A raclette dinner party is a twist on fondue that is a lot of fun. Very hands on for everyone, the grill heats multiple small pans in which guests melt the cheese with meat, seafood, vegetables and other toppings of their choice.

The most common ingredients for a raclette party are various cheeses, boiled potatoes, shrimp, thinly sliced steak, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, bread, cured meat, bacon, and much more.

Place the potatoes, cheese and other side dishes on the table. Place a slice of cheese into the raclette dish for each person, then position under the grill to melt. Once cheese melts, scrape onto each person’s plate of potatoes.

Before you use any raclette grill, you should spray oil or lightly oil over the grill top and heat it for about 25 minutes. Tip: Sprinkle the grill surface with a little salt before adding ingredients so the food does not stick to the grill.

Don't touch the raclette. It's Hot!!
Don’t touch the raclette. It’s Hot!!

Raclette Dinner Party Instructions

  1. Heat the raclette grill while laying out the meats, vegetables and bread on platters.
  2. Pre-slice the cheese, or arrange it on a cutting board with a cheese plane.
  3. Allow guests to cook their choice of meats and vegetables on the raclette top while melting cheese in the tray underneath.

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