Another “Catering” gig – Italian Meal for 10


My friend Adam Glawe asked me to help him prepare a Northern Italian meal for a small group of ten. We split the duties, each of us taking half the meal. I prepared the Antipasto, which was a charcuterie board. To add to our challenges, since part of the group was Gluten free, we made a completely gluten-free meal.


We did serve with Gluten free crackers. And they tasted pretty good.


For the Primi course, I made Asparagus & Basil Risotto. It was the first time I had made Risotto on the stove top in quite some time. I usually do it in the microwave, which is so much easier and less time consuming. And it tastes just the same. Here is a link to my previous post about Microwave Risotto – Microwave Risotto

Adam prepared Stracotto al Chianti (Beef Braised in Chianti) and finished with a sublime Panna Cota.

Lots of Italian wine pairings, Italian after dinner drinks, Perroni birra, just a fabulous meal and fun time cooking again in someone else’s kitchen.



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