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Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca a great fall/winter weather meal. It is a comfort food. What does Pasta Puttanesca mean? There are almost as many explanations for the origins of pasta puttanesca as there are ways to make it. “Puttanesca” literally translates to “in the style of prostitutes.” It  is supposedly because the pungent aromas of garlic, anchovies,…… Continue reading Pasta Puttanesca

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Italian Meal for 10 – which I catered

My friend Adam Glawe asked me to help him prepare a Northern Italian meal for a small group of ten. We split the duties, each of us taking half the meal. I prepared the Antipasto, which was a charcuterie board. To add to our challenges, since part of the group was Gluten free, we made…… Continue reading Italian Meal for 10 – which I catered