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e-Cookbook Vol 3 – “Appetizers” now available

Download Link for Vol 3 – Appetizers

Appetizer e-Cookbook
Appetizer e-Cookbook

This e-cookbook contains some of my favorite appetizer recipes. We have quick and easy appetizers, classics, hot appetizers, and even some grilled appetizers.

Hopefully, you will enjoy how easy some of these are to prepare and how richly flavored they are. Several of these appetizers can be made quickly when company drops by unexpectantly.

We hope you enjoy this eBook and will find it useful.

Happy Cooking!!

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(Free) Just released – e-Cookbook Vol 3 – Appetizers now available for free download.  e-Cookbook Series Vol. 2 – “Soups & Stews” is available for download. E-Cookbook  Vol 1 – “Sauces you’ll use – A lot”, is available on the same download page.

Here is the latest e-cookbook, Vol 4, “Pasta” written in both English & Italian

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