The Quarantini – A Covid cocktail

The Quarantini

The Quarantini – A Covid-19 themed cocktail, with a coronavirus garnish. A whimsical drink for the times we live in today, The Quarantini is a take on the Midori Martini. We have fashioned a “Covid-19” garnish to sit on top of the glass. Please enjoy while sheltering in place.

We are living in unprecedented times, so we might as well follow the rules, stay safe, wash your hands, share your toilet paper and enjoy a delicious Quarantini while you are at it. Wear your mask (except when enjoying your Quarantini)

Luckily, you only need a few ingredients to make this Quarantini. This is perfect since the stores are sold out of everything. I’m sure you probably have everything you need to fashion this cocktail.


  • 1-ounce Midori melon liquor
  • 1-ounce vodka
  • and 1-ounce lemon juice or lemonade
  • ¼ ounce simple syrup to taste
  • Maraschino Cherry

Instructions for the Quarantini

  • Add all ingredients to a martini shaker filled with ice.
  • Shake and strain into glass.
  • Add a cherry at bottom of glass.
  • Place Covid-19 garnish on rim of glass, supported by a skewer
  • Enjoy with plastic gloves and M-95 Mask

For the Covid-19 Garnish

  • One large marshmallow
  • A handful of whole cloves
  • One bamboo skewer
  • Red spray paint
  • TO ASSEMBLE – spry paint the cloves red.
  • Push marshmallow into the middle of a bamboo skewer
  • Place red cloves on the marshmallow, after covering as much surface as possible
  • Place finished garnish on cocktail glass rim
  • Enjoy The Quarantini!

The Quarantini is a drink you drink in lock down. Literally any drink you are drinking, you have my permission to call it a Quarantini on general principle. 

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  1. Very funny/cute CHARLIE.

    We all need some humor to get through this 😷!!


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