Ten Chimneys – Final Update

So this is an addendum to the addendum  (10 Chimneys Addendum) regarding the 10 Chimney Garden Party that was cancelled.


I was asked to return and prepare a meal for a Wine Tasting event featuring the fabulous Ruben Moreno (Wine Tasting & Food Pairings Event)

The menu was similar to the Garden Party menu, with appetizers suggested by Ruben.  It was a beautiful day at 10 Chimneys and the wine/food pairing event was well received.

We served tuna tartare, butternut squash soup with lentils & shiitake mushrooms, Chicken Thighs with peppers, onions, artichoke hearts and capers, Mango Curry Pork Tenderloin and a Greek Orzo salad. Ruben paired wines with each serving. It was a fun evening.

10 Chimneys

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