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Meraki City Tins Review

Meraki in Walker's Point
Meraki in Walker’s Point

Meraki – Our 2nd City Tins (  visit of 2017 was to Meraki ( in Walkers Point. Nice place, interesting food, good service. They have a combo of Bar Bites, Small Plates and regular sized entrees. They also have an intriguing Chef’s Choice “Culinary Adventure”, at three price points, where the chef will prepare a custom meal for your table. We will try that at a later date, as this was our first time at Meraki.

Our server was friendly and helpful, explaining some of the nuances in the various dishes. As we were waiting for our cocktails, we were treated to a sample of the house Kim Chi, with Sesame crackers. The Kim Chi was very tasty, just spicy enough, not overdone. It was a nice starter.

I have developed a taste for Moscow Mules. The Meraki Mule is a classic Moscow Mule, but with extra Ginger Juice added. It really adds to the flavor of the Mule.

Having just come from the movies (and a large popcorn), we were not overly hungry. My wife opted for the White Bean Soup (Yukon potatoes, baby kale, roasted pumpkin, garlic, Parmesan) and Lobster Cake (similar to Crab Cakes), while I started with the Frutta Da Mare cold seafood salad, (citrus vinaigrette, garlic, herbs, spring vegetables) and my entree was the Lamb Chop (coated in mustard & herb bread crumbs, pan fried, with roasted squash and broccoli raab). The roasted squash was thin spaghetti like strands, with a hint of cinnamon, to offset the bitterness of the broccoli raab.

Overall, the experience was a good one. My wife’s choices were excellent. The Lobster Cake was light, flavorful and spot on. Her soup was very fragrant, but not overpowering at all. I had two minor complaints on my meal. On the Seafood Salad, the tomatoes were closer to orange than red. But it is hard to expect off-the-vine taste of tomatoes in January in Wisconsin. My other complaint was the the broccoli raab was both partially hot and partially ice-cold. I’m not sure how you can accomplish that, unless they just took the raab out of an ice bath and didn’t heat it enough. But overall, very nice evening.

From this meal, I took away thoughts of making the White Bean Soup and trying to copy the roasted squash recipe. And to see if I can find Ginger Juice, to add to my Moscow Mules at home.

Moscow Mule
Moscow Mule at Meraki’s

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  1. I’ve visited Meraki. The decor is chic modern yet cozy. Lots of interesting menu choices with starters, small plates and full size entrees, just the type of menu I like! Food and service was great- definitely worth a trip back to sample more.

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