Author Bio

I grew up in a restaurant family. My dad owned several restaurants in DC in the 50’s & 60’s (Randy’s, DeSando’s, The Channel House among others). My dad was the main cook and I learned a lot from him about how to cook. I started working in Country Clubs when I was 14, in various positions. I started out washing dishes, then moved to busboy, waiter, line cook, snack bar cook, maître D’ cooking table side. I worked in clubs until I graduated from college.

I have always been comfortable in kitchens, thanks to my upbringing. Cooking in many ways is the most creative thing I do. I love to look in the fridge, see what’s there are devise a meal around on-hand ingredients. My wife Ellen is a fabulous cook, but she does not obsess about food like I do.

We have raised our two sons, Luke & Carlo, to be just as comfortable in the kitchen as we are. Luke is a very creative cook, not afraid to try different ethnic dishes. He has come to love Indian food and anything spicy. And he is the family pasta maker, when ever we have fresh pasta for holiday meals.

Carlo worked in the Bartolotta chain of restaurants here in Milwaukee and then was a line cook at Company Brewing when it opened in Riverwest. He has shifted his personal cooking to a more healthy diet, more veggies and grains, rather than meat dishes. But he has been known to eat a piece of bacon or two now and then.

We are a family that loves to cook and be creative. Hopefully, yours can be also.