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Grilled Jerk Boneless Chicken Thighs As we wind up our Chicken Thigh series, we are grilling some Jerk Boneless thighs. Grilled Jerk chicken is a dish that Jamaica is famous for, although it is made across the Caribbean. Jamaican jerk is a blend of spices including scallions, garlic, ginger and thyme, along with allspice (called pimento in the islands),…… Continue reading Grilled Jerk Boneless Chicken Thighs

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Pan Fried Chicken Thighs with Lemon This could be the simplest way to cook bone-in Chicken thighs. After getting the skin nice and crispy, turn the thighs once to get them cooked through. Ready in less than 30 minutes, and they don’t have to be watched or monitored, except when you turn them over. Paul Bertolli, in “Cooking by Hand:…… Continue reading Pan Fried Chicken Thighs with Lemon

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Parmesan Crusted Chicken Thighs Next up in our Chicken Thigh series is a simple Oven-Baked bone-in Chicken Thigh, with a Parmesan Crust. Dipped in a butter-wash instead of an egg-wash, and coated with an herbaceous parmesan spice rub. Serve with coleslaw and roasted potatoes, for an easy weeknight meal. Ingredients 2-4 Bone-in chicken thighs¼ cup butter meltedSalt & Pepper to taste1 cup freshly…… Continue reading Parmesan Crusted Chicken Thighs

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Broiled Chicken Thighs in 15 minutes

Our Next Series is Chicken Thighs Bone-in Chicken thighs are the most economical cut of chicken.  Broiling cooks the chicken faster than baking, taking under 20 minutes because you are using direct heat. The caveat is that all ovens are different, so times are approximations. The taste is great, with plenty of acidity from…… Continue reading Broiled Chicken Thighs in 15 minutes

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Chicken Meatball Thai Soup Next in our Meatball series is Chicken Meatballs in a Thai Soup. The Chicken Meatballs are light and fragrant, with Asian spices, in a coconut milk broth. Add baby spinach at the end for a hearty meal. This dish can be ready in 30 minutes or less. Ingredients 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, minced (SAVE…… Continue reading Chicken Meatball Thai Soup


Pork Meatballs, Vietnamese-Style with Chili Sauce

This is the first post in our Meatball Series. First up, pork meatballs, with a Vietnamese twist. Asian flavors in the meatballs, served over rice and topped with a tangy chili sauce. You can also serve these with lettuce wraps. Ingredients – For the Meatballs 1 lb ground pork2 tablespoons fish sauce2 cloves garlic,…… Continue reading Pork Meatballs, Vietnamese-Style with Chili Sauce

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Jumbo Stuffed Shells with Ratatouille

Those of us of a certain age grew up with stuffed shells and stuffed peppers as “gourmet” cooking back in the day. I remember how proud my mother was to present such an interesting way to serve a meal. These Stuffed Shells with Ratatouille are an easy weeknight meal, ready in minutes and in this…… Continue reading Jumbo Stuffed Shells with Ratatouille