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Stuffed Shells with Ratatouille

Those of us of a certain age grew up with stuffed shells and stuffed peppers as “gourmet” cooking back in the day. I remember how proud my mother was to present such an interesting way to serve a meal. These Stuffed Shells with Ratatouille are an easy weeknight meal, ready in minutes and in this…… Continue reading Stuffed Shells with Ratatouille

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Polenta two ways – Creamy and Grilled Polenta is a kind of cornmeal mush that originated in Northern Italy as peasant food. But in the US, it’s served at upscale restaurants as a gourmet dish. The reality is somewhere in the middle. It can be a basic porridge, not a lot of flavor, or a high end, kicked version that has…… Continue reading Polenta two ways – Creamy and Grilled

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Colcannon (Potatoes and Cabbage)

Just in time for St Patrick’s day. The “Cooking Secrets for Men” version of Colcannon, using Bob Evans mashed potatoes instead of making your own.

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Easy Microwave Risotto Cooking Risotto in the microwave is a different way to make a delicious labor-intensive dish. It is very easy. You can do other things in the kitchen while the risotto is in the microwave. Risotto is one of the few comfort foods in the world that provide this level of savory creaminess. Yet for…… Continue reading Easy Microwave Risotto

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The Best Green Beans to cook

Learning from others is in many ways the best way to learn about cooking. Most good cooks have go-to recipes and techniques that you may not utilize, but should be using. This article was originally published in December 2019. We added a short video that we hope you find helpful. Case in point –…… Continue reading The Best Green Beans to cook