Tips & Short Cuts

Olive Oil vs Vegetable Oil

Cooking tip – Olive Oil vs Vegetable Oil: What’s the difference? For Professional Chefs, the type of cooking oil you use is important. To those of us who are everyday home cooks, the difference may not be something to overthink. Olive Oil tastes like olives and vegetable oil tastes like, well, not much. Vegetable oils…… Continue reading Olive Oil vs Vegetable Oil

Thanksgiving Tips · Tips & Short Cuts

Thanksgiving Short Cuts

Splayed Turkey recipe – Although I love the idea of a beautifully browned whole turkey sitting in the middle of the dining table, I have yet to master cooking it that way. Instead, I like to break down the turkey: I braise the legs slowly awhile I roast the breasts. This way, I know everything…… Continue reading Thanksgiving Short Cuts

Tips & Short Cuts

Tips and Short Cuts

Here is a random listing of tips and short cuts I have learned over the years – Use chicken thighs in place of chicken breasts in a recipe. Dark meat chicken has the reputation for being fatty  but it’s really the skin you should not be eating. Boneless thighs are high in healthy monounsaturated fats.…… Continue reading Tips and Short Cuts