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Roasted Poblano Soup

Roasted Poblano Soup -In April last year, we were invited to our friend’s Mark & Julie Darnieder’s villa for a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Five couples sharing this beautiful spot. It was a spectacular setting and included a staff of 10. The staff included a bartender and a full time chef, Jesus. All of…… Continue reading Roasted Poblano Soup

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Quinoa and Sweet Potato Stew

Quinoa & Sweet Potato Stew Spicy Quinoa and Sweet Potato Stew. This is part of our Recipe submission feature ( This recipe comes from my son, Luke, who has made this dish for us several times, when he was visiting. It is always nice to have a couple of great cooks in the family (Carlo…… Continue reading Quinoa and Sweet Potato Stew

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How to make Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a cold soup made of chopped vegetables and served cold. Fresh vegetables are plentiful in the summer months, therefore you should take advantage and make this classic dish.

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Chicken Meatball Thai Soup Chicken Meatball Thai Soup is next in our meatball series. The Chicken Meatball are light and fragrant, with Asian spices, in a coconut milk broth. Add baby spinach at the end for a hearty meal. This Thai Soup can be ready in 30 minutes or less. Ingredients for Chicken Meatball Thai Soup 2 tablespoons…… Continue reading Chicken Meatball Thai Soup

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My recipe for Cincinnati Chili

Chili is a dish that has literally 100’s of different recipes. They vary by region, ethnicity, chili color, ingredients and intangibles such as what to serve with your favorite type of chili.  There are multiple Chili cook offs in every city every year. Nothing says comfort food in the US more than Chili. The following…… Continue reading My recipe for Cincinnati Chili