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The Quarantini – A Covid cocktail

The Quarantini – A Covid-19 themed cocktail, with a coronavirus garnish. A whimsical drink for the times we live in today, The Quarantini is a take on the Midori Martini. We have fashioned a “Covid-19” garnish to sit on top of the glass. Please enjoy while sheltering in place. We are living in unprecedented times,…… Continue reading The Quarantini – A Covid cocktail

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Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge experience

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, 1579 S 9th St. , Milwaukee, WI  53204  ( Last week, we had a chance to check out a Milwaukee institution, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, on city’s south side. It is a cocktail lounge only, with no food being served. That is not uncommon in Milwaukee. What is uncommon is that they don’t…… Continue reading Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge experience

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The Best Ginger Beers – My Favorites

My Drink of Choice – Vodka and Ginger Beer My drink of choice has become Vodka with Ginger Beer and a lime. I know it sounds a lot like a Moscow Mule. But because Mules have become a trendy drink, bartenders and restaurants are always trying to “improve” on the recipe. I’ve had the following…… Continue reading The Best Ginger Beers – My Favorites