Soups & Stews e-cookbook

Free e-Cookbook – Soups & Stews

Cooking Secrets for Men – (free) e-Cookbook Series Vol. 2 – “Soups & Stews” just released and available for download. Vol 1 – “Sauces you’ll use – A lot”, is available on the same download page. Also free!

Soups & Stews – Vol 2 e-cookbook series

Volume 2 contains some of our favorite soups and stews, some quick and easy, some Instant Pot recipes and some classic recipes.

Just click on the link for our e-Cookbook download page –  to find our free e-Cookbooks.  They are in PDF format, so they are easy to download and print if so inclined.

If you are a current YouTube subscriber to our channel, just send an e-mail to and we will send you a free e-cookbook also. Or DM me here.

All of our free stuff will be on our download page. Next up in the series is Vol. 3, Appetizers and Starters. Some of our favorite and easy to make appetizers and 1st courses.

As always, thanks for the support. It is very humbling to have people say nice things about something you are so passionate about.

Charlie DeSando , Cooking Secrets for Men, LLC

Turkey Sausage Spinach White Bean Soup
Spinach, White Bean & Turkey Sausage Soup

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