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Scary Times – Where do we go from here?

A lot of us are in limbo, with “Shelter in Place” orders in many states, including here in Wisconsin. From what I have been able to gather, everyone in the country has plenty of toilet paper, but food supply may be limited to frozen foods or basic pantry staples in many US households.

Every home cook has their “Go-to” recipes, tried and true, well loved in your family. At some point, your loved ones may get a little tired of eating the same thing ever few days. If this pandemic lasts for an extended period of time, home cooks will need to be creative.

That’s where I think I can provide a public service. As a Professional Eater and Amateur Chef, I love to experiment with traditional recipes and see how they can be enlivened.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to be able to produce some interesting recipes and YouTube videos, that home cooks can adapt and put their own stamp on it. Some of the ingredients that I will be using will most likely be things people are not hoarding (like Ground Lamb instead of ground beef or Turmeric and Cardamon, instead of Garlic Salt).

Stay safe, eat well and have fun experimenting with different recipes and culinary ideas.

If you like the videos, please “Like & Subscribe” to my YouTube Channel. Until restaurants reopen, we are collectively the creative culinary force.

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