Restaurant Reviews

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge experience

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, 1579 S 9th St. , Milwaukee, WI  53204  ( Last week, we had a chance to check out a Milwaukee institution, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, on city’s south side. It is a cocktail lounge only, with no food being served. That is not uncommon in Milwaukee. What is uncommon is that they don’t…… Continue reading Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge experience


Ash Restaurant Review – Iron Horse Hotel

  Recently we went to the new Milwaukee restaurant, Ash, in the Iron Horse Hotel, which replaced the very fine, but dated Symth. We went with our friends Mark & Julie Darnieder. Ash is run by the Dan-Dan boys, Dan Jacobs and Dan Van Rite. This is their 4th Milwaukee location for fine dining, including…… Continue reading Ash Restaurant Review – Iron Horse Hotel


The correct Green Beans to cook

Learning from others is in many ways the best way to learn about cooking. Most good cooks have go-to recipes and techniques that you may not utilize, but should be using. Case in point – we were invited to our friend’s Ken Finkel & Jane Delzer house for dinner this past Saturday. Both are excellent…… Continue reading The correct Green Beans to cook