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Milwaukee City Tins Restaurant Reviews

Milwaukee is blessed with many exceptional restaurants, most of which are independently owned and unique. They are scattered throughout the city. For $30, you can purchase the Milwaukee version of City Tins (, which will help you explore many of these very nice eateries in our city.


There are over 20 participating restaurants in every tin. Each restaurant is featured on its own coaster gift card and each coaster gift card is worth $10 off your purchase of $25 or more. That means you can order drinks or apps, entrees, desserts or the entire menu. If the bill total is $25 before tax and gratuity are added, present your CityTins® coaster to your server and $10 will be taken off your tab. It’s that simple. There’s no catch.

In order to be a good cook, you need to experience a wide variety of cuisines and techniques. This list is a great start in Milwaukee.

2017 City Tins

Amilinda                      (MKE TOP 30)

AP Bar & Kitchen         (MKE TOP 30)


Cafe at the Plaza

Cafe Centraal

Cafe Manna

Centro Cafe


Chez Jacques

Comet Cafe

Double B’s BBQ

Good City Brewing

Irie Zulu

Lazy Susan MKE          (MKE TOP 30)

LuLu Café / Juniper 61

Meraki           Review –

Morel Restaurant        (MKE TOP 30)



Screaming Tuna

Story Hill BKC              (MKE TOP 30)


Transfer Pizza

Water Buffalo/ AJ Bombers

One thought on “Milwaukee City Tins Restaurant Reviews

  1. As a relative newcomer to the city I love , love, love MKE’s fabulous food scene and City Tins encourages me to explore and enjoy it!


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