Tips and Short Cuts

Here is a random listing of tips and short cuts I have learned over the years –

  • Use chicken thighs in place of chicken breasts in a recipe. Dark meat chicken has the reputation for being fatty  but it’s really the skin you should not be eating. Boneless thighs are high in healthy monounsaturated fats. Thighs also cost less than skinless chicken breasts and they are harder to over cook, which is more to the point. Chicken breasts dry out quicker and are not as tasty as the thighs.
  • Tip on Chicken Thighs – when preparing the thighs, if you are cooking them whole, cut them in half. You’ll get twice as many thighs and the serving size is adequate.chix-thighs
  • Rice Cookers are almost idiot proof. Measure the wet (water or broth) and dry (rice or grain) ingredients, put into the rice cooker, press a button and it cooks the rice until it’s done. Rice is perfect every time – not stuck to the bottom, not watery, not mushy and stuck together. No timer needed, no stove top stirring. About as simple as it gets. And it allows you turn your attention elsewhere in the kitchen.
  • Tip on Rice Cookers – when cooking rice in the rice cooker, be a little creative. Add some veggies, lemon zest, herbs, whatever sounds interesting. The veggies (frozen peas, cut green beans, carrots) will cook in the water as the rice cooks. White rice by itself is bland and tasteless.rice-1
  • Use a Rotiserie chicken in recipes such as Chicken Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Ramen Noodles, Nachos, Chicken pot pies, and chicken salads, among others. It’s cheaper and a time saver.
  • rotisserie-chix

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